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How Apps are Helping Startups Claim More Market Share

Not everyone launches a business idea by thinking 'how can I do this with an app'. Traditionally, it only makes sense for business owners to keep strictly to a 'goods and services' mindset when it comes to starting a business. However, this mindset should also keep in consideration that operating a business in the 21st century will inadvertently require some form of contact between your business and the online community. Be it for a retail operation, or to provide services to your clientele, it helps to have a business presence that is able to reach target audiences within the personal spaces of their mobile devices.

Often, this is seen with the way plenty of brand names devote their efforts towards crafting a name for themselves on ubiquitous mobile platforms such as Instagram. While this does not necessarily count as them building an app for themselves, the point is plain to see that businesses that do not occupy these spaces will understandably lose out on the market share that's available online. While it is true that not all business types may intuitively see the need to claim their share of presence on social media or on their users' smartphones, it's the utility provided by a branded mobile application that simply sets your organisation apart from your competition.

Unique Business Ideas and Unique App Ideas: Similarities?

Here's a perspective that any entrepreneur would have held in mind, when deciding to launch their startup. "What can I offer my customers that's unique and appealing?" The fact is, an app idea will take you through this exact same consideration. Among the commonly applicable business scenarios we've encountered mobile development requirements for are :

  • Retail businesses that look to create an online ordering or loyalty rewards app,
  • Medical and professional services provided via the functions of an app, and
  • Repository or directory listings and functions searchable via an app.

These are just some of the more common applications that we've encountered the need for, when consulting with our clientele. However, even more specialist services involved with meteorological services and finance can find a need for an app idea that uniquely offers customers a crucial function that will aid them with their day-to-day tasks – and as an added bonus, help their brands claim additional market share they would have otherwise not been able to access.

Appmart: Your Specialist Mobile Developers in Melbourne for Branded Apps

No matter the industry segment you find yourself in, or are developing your next business idea for, it might be time to consider how an app can help your brand stand out from the rest. Our team of mobile app developers at Appmart are specialised across different mobile development platforms and needs, and can provide your business with the valued support you need for bringing your next app idea to life. Whether you have an app idea and need the development expertise, or are at the stages of inception for your business, contact us at 1800 277 627 or via e-mail at to know more about what we can do for you.

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