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With a deep passion for gaming and a strong focus on innovation, AppMart has been leading the gaming industry in Australia since its inception. Our game developers are not just techies; they are passionate gamers who understand the pulse of the gaming market.

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Our core team brings together an extensive portfolio of skills, including art design, programming, and audio production. We strive to bridge the gap between your vision and an unforgettable gaming experience.

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Successful Project Requires a Perfect Process


Idea Generation & Conceptualization

This is the stage where you brainstorm and conceptualize the game idea. It involves defining the game's core mechanics, storyline, characters, visual style, and targeted audience.


Pre-production / Planning

Once the concept is clear, you start with the planning phase. This includes creating a detailed game design document (GDD) which serves as the blueprint for the entire game development process3. DevelopmentTranslating the design into HTML/CSS, creating responsive layouts and building the server-side functionality, database integration, and developing any custom features or functionalities required.



A basic version of the game, or a specific aspect of it, is created to test the gameplay mechanics. This helps developers get a sense of how the game will play and allows for changes before full production begins.



This is the main development phase where artists, programmers, and designers come together to create the game. Tasks include creating and implementing assets, programming the game logic, integrating audio, and building levels.


Testing & QA (Quality Assurance)

The game is tested extensively to find and fix bugs, optimize performance, and ensure that it is fun and engaging. This process often includes alpha and beta testing stages, with the latter often involving external testers.


Iteration & Polishing

Based on testing feedback, the game is improved and polished. This includes refining gameplay, graphics, and sound, and can lead to significant improvements in the game's quality and player experience.



Once the game is deemed ready, it is packaged and distributed on the appropriate platforms. This could be through physical copies, downloads, or through a digital distribution platform like Google Play or the App Store.


Post-Launch Support & Updates

Even after the launch, the game development process isn't truly finished. Developers often provide ongoing support, fixing any issues that arise and sometimes releasing updates or additional content to keep the game fresh and engaging for players.

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As an app development agency in Melbourne, We have worked with big companies as well as start-ups, which gave us valuable insight into what all kinds of businesses need.

Our mission is to supply you with the skill set your digital project needs to succeed. If your idea is in its infancy, we recommend starting with us on a design sprint before the app development itself.

Latest Technologies

We stay abreast of the latest Android technologies and trends to provide our clients with cutting-edge app development solutions.

Long-term Relationship

We are your technology partner, not a supplier. We believe in working with you for a long time to make your app and vision a success story.

Full Transparency

We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our clients and providing regular updates throughout the development process.

Skilled Team

Our team of skilled Android developers is proficient in Kotlin and Java and has extensive experience in developing apps for various industries.

On-Time Delivery

We respect your timeframes and ensure the timely delivery of projects without compromising on quality.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring every app we deliver is robust, reliable, and meets App Store and Google Play Store Guidelines.