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ALS Hydrographics is a diverse and dynamic provider of hydrometeorological products and services.

Client Name
ALS Group


We specialise in the supply and operation of a wide range of monitoring systems for long term, continuous monitoring of many environmental parameters including water, weather and air quality.

We pride ourselves on the provision of high quality and dependable data to enable informed decisions for environmental projects. Our comprehensive range of products and services is complemented by a solid commitment to quality and customer service.

Technology Stack

  • Swift for iOS
  • PHP for APIs
  • PHP for Backend / Admin Portal
  • MySQL for Database
  • ALS Hydrographics iOS app delivers a paperless fieldwork experience for our clients.
  • LiveData™ enables you to
  • Refer to current JSEA’s, doctors packs and procedures
  • Carry out workplace inspections
  • Undertake minor and major vehicle inspections
  • Perform two peg tests
  • Preload field runs and team lists
  • Navigate to site, with and without service
  • View previous years site data
  • Update site details
  • Take 5 (risk assessment) prior to starting to work
  • Document field visits, for all parameters
  • Review your gauging against the latest rating, effortlessly
  • Locate site benchmarks
  • Calculate surveys with ease
  • Send work orders to your manager for prompt prioritisation
  • Track assets in near-real time using barcode scanning
  • Access historic records, for all forms
  • Capture photos and associated captions, automatically named
  • Export data to and import data from multiple databases, including Hydstra

I was impressed by how quickly they were able to come up to speed in understanding our business. Compared to our previous developers, Appmart had much more experience working with relevant technologies for my both business apps Apple and Android. Thanks Vrushank again.

- Anthony Skinner