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RE Tradie is a unique Australian, first of its kind system that creates property profiles, including all the physical details of your property. Items like paint colours, tapware, roof tiles, skirting boards, electrical fittings and so on.

Client Name
RE Tradie


Approved tradesmen are able to view the property profile and access the details needed for repairs. Accessing details is simple with our easy to navigate profiles.

Gone are the days where you have to cut out a sample and take it down to the hardware store for a colour match. Simply open the RE Tradie app, select the profile, scroll to your desired room and all the details are right there!

Technology Stack

  • Swift for iOS
  • Java for Android
  • PHP for APIs
  • PHP for Backend / Admin Portal
  • MySQL for Database

We are looking to launch into New Zealand and beyond in 2021.

With access to all the details of a property, tradesmen are able to assess what materials are needed for a job without needing to attend the property. Materials can be picked up on the way to jobs saving tradesmen hours each days.

RE Tradie is designed around rental properties and the relationships between Landlord, Property Manager and Tradesmen. In say that, the app is not limited to rentals. RE Tradie is also an asset for any home owner.

Great app and system. It worked good using a browser but the app give you a better experience. Great job!

- Steve Whitwood