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Rise like Uber - Ten Exceptional Ways for Making Your App Successful

The year was 2008. Two friends were waiting for a cab at night after attending a technology event in Paris. The rest is history. Yes, we are talking about one of the most successful ideas of the twenty-first century, Uber! A mobile app has contributed significantly to building a business empire for Uber. Next could be your company!

In this article, we are going to cover tips to transform your brilliant idea into a successful mobile application. Sounds interesting? Read on.

An Idea can Drive Success-Here’s How

Just think! You sit on a beach relaxing on one fine evening. Suddenly, an idea strikes your mind and the next day, you consult a reputed mobile application development company! From here, the journey of your brilliant idea starts and that ends with the commercial success of your app in some years. All you need is proper validation and execution of your idea before making it a reality.

Launching a user-friendly and seamlessly performing mobile app can ensure success for your business. Also, you can develop a business model around a feature-rich app and gain success over the period. In the current scenario when every tick-tock of the clock counts and people tend to use mobiles for accomplishing their daily tasks, a custom app can work wonders.

As per the Statista report, the app revenue across all segments is expected to cross USD 613 million by the end of 2025. This exponential growth indicates that whether yours is an established enterprise or a startup, a mobile app offers bigger growth opportunities irrespective of your business model. However, you need to get some basics right to minimise the hurdles and get an app that leads your business toward success.


Here are some of the easy and effective strategies you can implement for ensuring the success of your idea.

What It Takes to Make Your App Idea Successful

You can get the answer to this question in two ways- either have a glimpse at any app store’s top-performing apps or consult a reliable and experienced mobile app development services provider.

Let’s discuss some of the top tips that can help you get a successful app.

1. Needs to be Unique

Uniqueness holds a key to success. Your app idea should be original and offers a feasible solution to any pain point for your target audience. Even if you have taken inspiration from an existing app or a prevalent idea, it is necessary to offer an app that works in a unique way. It should be different enough from the app solutions of other companies for the same problem. A catchy, creative, and practical app can have more chances of getting success in the overcrowded app market.

2. Addresses Target Audience

One of the biggest reasons for the app’s failure is it fails to cater to the requirements of a target audience. Apart from offering a unique solution for handling a problem, it is essential for your business app to remain relevant to your target audience. You can research the requirements, expectations, and pain points of your target audience to build an app suitable for many of them. Demographics also play a vital role in developing a custom business app. For example, if the target audience consists of younger people, you can add a “wow factor” like animated graphics to the app design.

3. Remains Easy and User-friendly

The first impression is the last impression- this adage holds true for mobile apps. Even if your business app is rich in features and well-crafted, it should remain easy to use. Even naive users should also get benefit from it. A simple interface, concise menu and self-explanatory options in your app can pave the way to success. Also, a mobile app development company should focus on keeping valuable and specialized features in the customised app. If users demand more features, you can come up with them in subsequent app versions.

4. Should be Responsive Yet Simple

Simplicity is the key to success when it comes to enterprise apps. Along with this, it is imperative for your business app that it can work well across different screen sizes and resolutions. As compared to iPhone apps, custom Android apps need to be capable of running on various devices. Also, successful apps should load quickly and remain interactive all the time. Android and iOS app development service providers can make apps fast and easy to adapt for any device.

5. Meets Security Standards

A mobile application has remained a soft target for hackers in recent years. As more people tend to use mobile devices for making online transactions, mobile app development companies emphasise building enterprise apps highly secure. In other words, if you want to make your app successful, it must have multiple security levels with features like encryption, biometrics, and two-way authentication. Also, you should ensure that your company’s app follows the prevalent protocols. For example, if you build a healthcare application, it should be HIPAA compliant.

6. Works on Multiple Devices

Be it a custom Android app or a cross-platform app, it should run seamlessly across various devices. These days, Android mobile phones are available in different screen sizes and resolutions. Therefore, your app should run smoothly across various devices of different screen sizes. Also, as your customers need an omnichannel experience, your cross-platform app should work flawlessly across all devices regardless of platforms. Your tailored business app should be capable of accommodating new updates whenever necessary.


7. Must be Free to Download

Whether it is an Android app or an iOS app, no one wants to pay for downloading an app. Even on Apple App Store where users are willing to pay for high-quality functionality and advanced features, the percentage of paid apps is only 5.90%. The reason is simple- Google Play has over 3.5 million apps and Apple App Store has over 1.6 million apps. In such a scenario, chances are high that users can easily get the free options for every paid app. So, as people see a price tag for downloading a mobile app, they tend to find free options. Your free-to-download app can attract more customers than a paid app.


8. Attracts a Huge Audience

Your app should have all the necessary features and excellent functionality that can attract as many people as possible, and that too, in short term to gain popularity. One such functionality is an offline mode. Your app can work properly even with minimal or no Internet connectivity. A viral or popular app can attain a prominent status by word of mouth. These apps can reach a huge audience and many people use them once. As a result, they can write success stories over the period.

9. Brings Regular Updates

Regular updates can keep your app fresh and user-friendly. It shows that you act on the user’s feedback and strive for addressing their needs. An updated, better version of your business app can keep your existing customers more engaged with your business while attracting new ones. If you wish to keep your app popular, you should upgrade it regularly.
As a result, your enterprise app remains up-to-date and relevant for a longer duration. Updates can help it exceed user expectations and eventually, app users get more dependent on your custom mobile app.

10. Focuses on a Core Feature

Interestingly, your business app should have a USP like any other product. This USP can be its core feature or specific functionality. It is way better to give one functionality that works exceptionally well rather than giving multiple common features. A plethora of features may ruin the user experience and lead your app toward failure. Contrary to this, if you focus on any one innovative feature, you can deliver extraordinary results in line with the app user’s expectations. You can keep on improving the feature to stay ahead of your competitors over the period.

Concluding Lines

Android application development and iOS application development processes need a lot of effort, money, and time. After developing a customised app, it is a herculean task to make it successful amid increasing competition. Hope these tips will help you gain and maintain the popularity of your business app. With this, you can make sure to choose the right application development partner for maintaining your enterprise app effectively.

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