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So You've Built an App. Is Mobile Advertising the Next Logical Step for Your Business?

2021 is being heralded among tech experts in the industry, as the year of the smartphone for more reasons than just good technology. In many ways, it's the global pandemic that's fast accelerated mobile development activity by businesses like yours – especially with how the world had to cope with mass social distancing and contactless service delivery throughout the previous year. And we all know that some of these safe distancing measures are still in place, with the way consumer markets have quickly and easily taken to ordering just about anything via their mobile devices.

These days, it doesn't take much consternation by business owners when it comes to launching their own business app idea. Like coming up with an exciting new business concept, figuring out how your business can enhance its services with an app can be equally exhilarating. With all this attention being placed on mobile device use, why shouldn't your business come up with an app of its own? If you've already found yourself thinking along these lines, it may be a great time to take the thought a step further to consider your ability to reach more of your users via in-app advertising in Australia.

A Look at What Aussies Doing on Their Mobile Devices

Data projections towards 2025 anticipate smartphone adoption by users to peak at 80.1% of the entire Australian population, as compared to a figure of 75.8% in 2017. This is largely cued by an anticipated 2G network shutdown due to happen across the country. This singular event is what researchers anticipate will push the bulk of Australian mobile phone users towards converting to smartphone use. Simply put, it's inescapable that more of your ideal audience members and potential customers will be interacting with your brand (or your competitors) via their smartphone screen.

If you've already set aside a portion of your marketing budget for promotional efforts across social media and search advertising, it may very well be useful to consider mobile ad network marketing as your next step. Considering that in-app advertising in Australia has already been pursued by leading educational institutions and small businesses alike, there's much that can be said for how your business can derive a clever, laser-focused mobile ad campaign that features:

  • Interstitial advertisements,
  • Banner advertisements,
  • In-app video advertisements, and
  • Native advertisements.

Appmart Can Guide You through Your Mobile Ad Network Advertising Needs

If you've figured out by now that a major opportunity exists in the form of an untapped mobile audience that you could be reaching out to, perhaps it's time you figured out how. Figuring out the best mobile ad network to launch your campaign with is ideally the first step, but with a bit of help from our specialists at Appmart, we can help you figure out exactly when, how and who your business can be reaching out to with a well-designed mobile ad campaign. Call us today on 1800 277 627 or contact us via e-mail at to know more.

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