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Three (More) Leading App Trends at Q2 2021

The mobile app development industry isn't seeing any signs of slowing down, and it wouldn't do justice to simply cover all the trends we've earmarked in just a single blog article. Here's an additional grouping of in trend apps that we felt right to add to our list of this year's app trends that aspiring business leaders might want to be paying more attention to. Among these include app ideas that can be developed as a result of other parallel trends in consumer technology that are rapidly gaining traction in Australia, and elsewhere.

Before you commit to that next app idea and centre it solely on just a retail or wearable function, it could help you to expand your horizons as far as what else might be possible with the use of clever mobile software development. With everyday applications such as smart home devices and Internet of Things technology fast gaining popularity in the life of the average consumer, it is simply just a matter of time before the right app idea comes along to not only command a majority market share, but influence consumer behaviours in tech for years to come.

Internet of Things and Smart Home Devices

Look around your office or home and there's a high chance that you'll find at least one appliance that's been manufactured to keep the Internet of Things industry in mind. These types of devices range between anything from a smart power-saving refrigerator, to energy efficient light globes that can be operated via connectivity to your mobile phone.

Cloud-Native Apps

Cloud computing services are growing to be as ubiquitous as social media use has made itself prevalent among consumers. This is evident through everyday examples such as Google's G-Suite and Apple's iCloud, providing cloud data storage that makes everyday smartphone and mobile device usage heaps more convenient. Likewise, mobile app developers are turning to cloud computing services provided by giants such as Amazon Web Services, to develop cloud-native applications that feature code that's been written with a 'cloud-first' approach; saving time, resources, and streamlining app development in ways never before possible.

Beacon Low Energy Technology Apps

Beacon low energy signals are transmitted via the use of Bluetooth technology, and empower concepts that increase smartphone interactivity within any given environment. These concepts see a user's smartphone interacting with other Beacon-powered devices as a way to provide an augmented layer of interactivity between consumers and marketable products. When condensed into the idea of an app, the use of beacon low energy signals can help users locate services and goods in news ways beyond just searching for them online.

For Exciting New Horizons in Mobile Development, Appmart is The Name to Trust

Identifying trends in IT and mobile software development is just a part of what helps us anticipate our clients' needs for great apps. If we've been spot on with one of our anticipated app trends in these articles, feel free to reach out to our team of developers by calling us on 1800 277 627 or dropping us an email at to see just what we can do to help your business keep ahead of the curve.

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