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Why a Minimum Viable Product might be enough to Take Your App Idea to Market

Planning for the milestones in the development of your business will often involve answering pertinent questions involving your ongoing finance and profitability. Taking this strictly from the perspective of running a business will mean that you will no doubt need to identify time-specific milestones of growth as you set about building your brand, and product offering. When it comes to startups that develop a mobile app idea as part of their company's main offering to customers, business owners often find themselves playing a kind of balancing act. It's a commonly experienced part of any entrepreneurial journey that sees a business owner managing between committing resources to a proof of concept, and knowing whether their prototype is adequate for garnering the kind of investment potential they've identified as a milestone in their startup journey.

Here's where the term 'Minimum Viable Product', or MVP comes to mind. Taken from the perspective of mobile development, an MVP describes an early version of your app idea that delivers exactly the bare functions it needs, as a way to help you begin an iterative and ongoing process of testing your business idea with your intended market. While an app in an MVP form comes much closer to a prototype or proof of concept than it does to a fully-developed and polished app, this isn't to say that the idea of an MVP encourages startups to commit only to the bare minimum of developing their apps.

Introducing the MVP Approach to App Development

The MVP app development approach focuses on a lean method of developing an app, which brings benefits such as:

  • Being able to kickstart your iterative mobile development process earlier,
  • Providing faster measurement and learning results, and
  • Allowing for quicker reactions from your development teams in responding to market and user demands.

At the end of the day, your app idea should deliver upon any features it promises its audiences. While this is a given, it isn't to say that this shouldn't involve a phased journey which sees you rolling out your planned features eventually. If you happen to have an app idea ready for development, it could help you to break things down into phases, so you'll be able to see exactly what your app could feature or function like when condensed into an MVP format. Once you've been able to see what you'll be able to offer your stakeholders, just with the MVP alone, it should be all the more easier to map out a concise timeline for any further development and investment milestones that you'd likely be keeping in mind.

Appmart Provides Mobile App Development that Grows Along with Your Business Needs

Sometimes, it helps to find a full suite of app development expertise when it comes to bringing your app ideas from concept to launch. No matter the stage of developing your next app you find yourself at, our team of developers and project managers is always ready to support you in bringing your next MVP to market. Contact us today at 1800 277 627 or by emailing

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